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ISA - ISRAEL has specialized in training and preparation of Protection & Counter Terrorism Operatives, Team Leaders, Management and Instructors since 1987.

Our training enables each and every one of our trainees to provide reliable, efficient, and professional services to their customers in their own countries and more so beyond the boundaries of their own region and/or country.

Our graduates who plan to work in the field of sensitive installation's Security or securing valuables in transit or other sensitive assets will be able to do so very efficiently, without any further training

The environmental conditions, climate, and the human terrain in Israel are the most suitable and practical for the simulation and preparation of VIP / Close Protection personnel in protection missions where they may be deployed.

ISA - ISRAEL operates training centers in various countries that run courses with multinational participation that meets the required international standards for protection operatives.


Our Graduates are more recognized, respected, and sought after by distinguished protection service cliental and by protection service companies worldwide.

We promise and guarantee improvement in your professional skills, You will strengthen your mental and physical abilities in a way that will change and enhance your lifestyle forever.

At ISA - ISRAEL we equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to be an Elite Protection Operative. While we can guarantee that you will be better at what you do after completing a course with us, we cannot unfortunately guarantee you a job.

No institute of instruction can possibly keep such a promise. However it is very important to us that our graduates succeed and prosper in their field and because of that we do offer as much support as we can in helping our graduates find employment. We are in contact with a number of firms who employ our graduates and this aside graduates will have the full support of our team if they should need any help or advice in the world of Professional Protection.

95% of our graduates improved their status in the security industry!


ISA's Close Protection accomplishment Certificate is recognized and approved for SIA - UK licensing process.  Click below to view SIA Certificate


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