The Network s Mode of Operation


  • All Members of the Network render their services to clients within their home region or country, but the day-to-day contact between the members worldwide and their colleagues provides a platform for each member to continue giving reliable, efficient and professional services also BEYOND the boundaries of their home region or country.
  • Any protection service required by the members (for his clients) out of its country of origin s boundaries will be provided with the management and lead of a team leader  from its client country of origin and will keep the client protection service provider and the responsibility related until the end of the protection task .
  • The Network remains neutral in conveying the various requirements and demands of customers to the members in the country where the services are rendered.
  • The International Headquarters of the Network is active in promoting the Network’s members and in familiarizing the potential clientele with the Network’s capacity.
  • In order to secure professional standards and efficient services, all members of the Network have agreed that the authorization to bear the Network’s name (special identification card) is conditioned by the compliance with the rules and regulations, thus preventing any damage to the Network or to the services it gives.
  • The rules or regulations do not limit the working ability or business activities of its various members; on the contrary, they are designed to ensure a high professional level of all the companies who worked for the encouragement and development of the Protection service field throughout the world.

  • The Network guarantees a high and professional level of qualification to its members, but is not responsible for the various business contacts among the members or between the members and their customers.
  • Positive or negative information regarding the functioning of various members in their customer service will be supplied to all Network members.

Graduates of ISA ISRAEL are directed to active  members that

established and operate Security firms worldwide and can offer employment opportunities.