The International Alumni's Club is a Multinational Protection Specialist's Network, which was established in 1987 by Mr. Mirza David the Founder and CEO of ISA-ISRAEL.

The Network associates Security firms and individuals  from various countries worldwide that where trained, qualified and certified by the International Security Academy - Israel.

"Fresh" Graduates of ISA ISRAEL are directed to active  Members that
Established and operate Security firms worldwide and can offer employment opportunities.


Mr. Mirza David established the organization in order to:

  1. To provide an International infrastructure/network for ISA - ISRAEL's ALUMNI from the various nationalities and countries that will serve and assist them to provide better Protection service to their own Clientele.
  2. Our major goal is to provide the conditions for our Alumni to operate the best, most efficient, reliable, professional and cost effective Protection services  with particular emphasis on Protection missions overseas and particularly for high risk protection tasks and areas.
  3. The Network was established due to the understanding that it is very difficult to acquire protection services from one country to another. It is unprofessional, inefficient and unreliable to persuade a client that the service is not hurt by setbacks such as:
  • Lack of sufficient means or weapons required for the protection due to local rules and regulations.
  • Various limitations, social norms and other reasons that prevent the efficient function of a protection team transiting from one country to another.
  • Unnecessary expenses for flying in and flying back foreign protection teams.


  • The Network’s mode of operation guarantees professional, efficient and effective Protection Services worldwide, thus improving the credibility and status of this unique security branch.
  • The structure of this Network is very economical because in each country the required services can be provided by a local professional protection team, thus significantly minimizing the need to “import” expensive protection teams to and from different countries.
  • The difficulties that arise, such as language, knowing the surroundings and the need for assistance from professional working connections (at times also from the authorities) are all resolved within the Network and its activities.