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  Our Team


The International Security Academy - Israel is a practical training organization, which was founded by Mr. Mirza David in 1987.

Our team at the International Security Academy - Israel have been directly involved for years in developing strategies to cope with various forms of terrorism. We are devoted to developing innovative and effective methods of Combating Violent Offenders and Terrorists.

We are a proactive organization that provides our students with unique and effective tools and strategies for dealing with all forms of terrorism and violent behavior. Your experience at the I.S.A will improve your practical skills and understanding of your adversary. Our instruction will empower you to effectively combat violence and/or terrorism.

Years of experience in police and military special units as well as various security establishments have allowed us to analyze many factors that produce and enable terrorist action. Through years of combating these challenges we have gained a unique understanding of the mindset of violent offenders and terrorists in how they operate.

We have developed programs that offer our students practical training that is taught by seasoned professionals. Our methods involve intense counterterrorism simulations that utilize proven methods of handling threatening situations. Participants engage in a variety of drills and training that prepare them to handle potential attackers, kidnappers, stalkers and terrorists.

Our programs include many topics intended to improve the mental and physical capabilities of our students as they learn to deal with violence and terrorism worldwide.


The prevention, intervention, and suppression of violent crime and terrorism worldwide. To share our unique methodology and practical experience gained in Israel with colleagues worldwide. To improve a student's operational capabilities while performing under stressful condition.


Our secret weapon is the development of the inner-strength from each individual (The Human Factor!). Technology and accessories are always secondary or complementary.

We ensure your ability to respond to high stress situations through our unique training methods simulations, and drills.

We don't provide Rambo style training, we improve your mental and physical abilities by intensive training and preparation

Our training takes place in a disciplined atmosphere.

Our instruction methods, knowledge, and training improves the mental and physical abilities of our trainees . This improves their confidence and enables them to perform extremely well in emergency situations.

Our trainees originate from diversified backgrounds, and participate to create amicable training relationships.