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SP 1 Week 25.06.2017 1.07.2017 € 2499 ISRAEL
SP 1 Week 12.2017 12.2017 € 2499 ISRAEL




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An extensive 7- day workshop that will provide an overview of intelligence gathering and countermeasures, which covers strategic and tactical intelligence as the Israeli intelligence specialist from the civil and law enforcement communities understands it, as well as the broad issues involved with competitive intelligence and countermeasures.


Information/intelligence is a "Progressive Force" in the business "Battlefield".

The vision of information/intelligence is at our fingertips, at any given time or place, which both induces and slows down processes. It is the dream of each and every businessman and organization, whether public or institutional.

Everything begins when information/intelligence falls into the right or wrong hands, and thus influences the process of decision making.

Information/intelligence of this kind can lead to the rise or fall of corporations and organizations, may hinder business transactions, or alternatively, may give a critical advantage to the opposition and competition.

The Nightmare of any leader/manager/owner is the threat of infiltration of competitors from outside and from the circle close to you, into the home field – discussions, decisions, professional secrets, conversations, phone calls (linear, cellular, fax), bids, computer, vehicle, home and family.

The major and immediate advantage in the competitive intelligence world is the tight security of information/intelligence that prevails in your business or organization, resulting from the numerous and varying threats of which we are unaware in our everyday routine, and preventing tremendous damage to your business, organization and to you, the manager/owner, on a personal level.

Critical information/intelligence is worth a lot. Companies, institutions and organizations invest high budgets in two parallel channels:

  1. Keeping the existing information/intelligence from leaking out, thus preventing a significant advantage to the opposition.
  1. Obtaining information/intelligence in order to create an advantage over the competition/opposition, according to the universal saying:

"The best defense is offence".


Security in terms of protection and collection of information/intelligence is an array of protection circles. The core of this array is a combination of procedures, skills and advanced technologies. The outer circles must account for all aspects of physical security, including entry control, communications control and infrastructure (linear, data, cellular), computer systems and network infrastructure, departmentalization, employee control, guest control, internal and external maintenance control as well as issues such as organizational awareness and employment of tools for gathering information.

Your ability to recognize and define imminent threats to the assets you are protecting, and to decide on an appropriate operational response is essential.


True professional experience in the field of information/intelligence protection is both rare and unique. Our professional experience has been accumulated through years of service to various branches of the Israeli security establishment, including:

  • The Israeli Security Agency (Secret service “Shabac”)
  • The “Mossad”
  • Private businesses
  • Political organizations

Session 1

Operative intelligence gathering methods & means

Module  - “HUMINT - The Human Side of Intelligence”

This module will focus on the human factor in the collection of intelligence. It will cover both open and clandestine sources of information.

  • Open sources of information include newspapers, magazines, commercial news clipping services, court transcripts and filings, libraries, and public records.
  • Clandestine sources will analyze the history and current status of undercover agents, their recruitment, training, management, evaluation and control.
  • Before the gained information can be put to work for the organization’s relevant departments, verification is necessary to ascertain its accuracy.
  • Undercover activity: Building and adapting a cover, protection against undercover operators.
  • Operative actions: Covert searches + information gathering from target +obtaining documents
  • Recruitment and “running” of operatives: Finding, recruiting, and “running” the candidate.
  • How to prevent mishaps, pre-hiring checks.
  • Planting an operative: How it is done?

Module  – Social engineering

Module  – questioning, overt- covert, interrogation

Module  - Surveillance

In this module the student will get acquainted with the techniques of physical and technical surveillance, for the purpose of obtaining information and/or evidence while conducting an investigation. The student will learn the difference between covert vs. overt surveillance and the means by which they are carried out depending upon the situation.

The module will cover the various methods used in the field as well as the applications of modern technology to expand the field agent's reach.

  • Covert vs. overt surveillance
  • Types of surveillance
  • Preparation
  • Observation - day/night, quiet/crowded area, urban/suburban area
  • Surveillance on foot and per vehicle
  • Stationary surveillance and observation posts
  • Operational disguises and make-up
  • Communication - overt/covert, concealed on person or in vehicle, familiarity with equipment and its operation
  • Surveillance technology
  • Identification - by picture or description
  • Report writing
Module  – Technical surveillance equipment &electronic countermeasures

In this module, different surveillance methods will be reviewed, including mechanical, electronic, visual and optical attacks. Mechanical attacks comprise everything from tape recording to physical capture of the information through oral or written form. Visual and optical attacks perhaps present the most common, least suspected form of intelligence collection.

  • Various countermeasures to RF and wave transmitters, including infrared, laser and air techniques for intelligence collection.
  • Detection, through systematic methods of conducting a physical search, electronic countermeasures and nullification including a practical understanding of how to conduct electronic sweeps to detect radio transmitters.
  • How to conduct a physical search.
  • Nullification of all surveillance methods.

Module  – Phone line tapping countermeasures

  • Basic electricity and measurement, transmitters, overt and clandestine, telephone analyzers, and non-linear junction detectors.
  • Electronic switching systems, central office procedures, telephone testing, line tapping and tracing.
  • Telephone system design, security practices, and devices like scramblers.
  • Effective methods of nullification and all methods of telephonic intercepts.

Module  -Covert video technology and sting operations

This module will teach the student basic theory, application and the technology available for covert video surveillance.

  • Equipment, from light source to final monitoring, recording and printing for legal documentation.
  • Developments in video technology miniaturization and remote transmission, video motion detectors, VCRs and frame storage devices.
  • The practical application of video surveillance in retail stores as well as open-air surveillance.
  • "Sting operations": how they are set up, site selection, security operatives, video camera selection and operation, identification of suspects, evidence preservation and documentation. (While the course is focused on criminal surveillance for the law enforcement community, there are numerous private security applications of sting operations).

Module  - Electronic tracking technology

  • Tracking theory and its application in an urban environment, field-tracking problems, placement of transmitters, and re-acquisition of lost signals.
  • New technologies and their potential use in the security field such as satellite communication networks. Such technologies have potential use for tracking everything from stolen property to kidnap victims.

Module  - Computer intelligence collection and security

Intelligence collection by computer is a rapidly expanding technology and service that is readily available to a growing number of private investigators, security officers and law enforcement investigators.

This module will cover many databases that can be accessed by computer, including: personal and business records, assets location and local address searches.

  • The essentials of computer security, including security software programs, operational security systems, protection of hardware devices, protection of software and data, transmission security, audit trails and standard practice procedures for computer systems.


Module  – Internal security

This module will cover issues including personnel, document and physical security.

  • Personnel security refers to the policies and procedures intended to determine that an individual is not currently a security risk, and are not likely to become one. A personnel security program is intended to prevent criminal activities by employees, espionage attempts by external intelligence forces and unintentional acts by employees that could lead to a compromising situation.
  • Document security, classification management, reproduction, disposal and transmission of sensitive or classified documents.
  • Physical security includes issues like access control, security patrols, personnel identification and visitor control, as well as methods of detecting unauthorized intrusion or activity, alarm systems and facility clearances.
  • Simulative drills and practice of information, Data and knowledge protection planning (field exercises)



Course Code Duration Start Date End Date Price Location
IP 1 Week 18.6.2017 24.6.2017  €2499 ISRAEL




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Welcome to the Ultimate Israeli Preparatory Training Program.  For the past 30 years the International Security Academy has been directly involved in developing strategies to cope with various forms of terrorism.  We are devoted to developing innovative and effective methods for combating violent offenders and terrorists. 

We have developed programs that offer our students practical training that is taught by seasoned professionals.  Our methods involve intense counterterrorism simulations that utilize proven methods of handling threatening situations.  Participants engage in a variety of preparatory training that will prepare them to handle potential attackers, kidnappers, stalkers, and terrorists.

The Goal

This program was created for the purpose of preparatory training that is geared towards enhancing the participants’ ability to protect themselves and their families.  Through professional and simple training, they will attain a level of self-defense and response techniques that will save lives when necessary.  

It is essential to improve the mental and physical capabilities of our trainees for better coping and better functioning in situations resulting from violent crimes, terrorism threats or strikes, and various catastrophes occurring in our modern society.  Your training course will be enhanced with the proven Israeli protection concepts, methods, tactics, and tactical response methods to violent attacks.

Our preparation methods for this struggle resemble a vaccine against viruses, which is a weakened dosage of the cause of the illness. It causes the immune system to strengthen without damaging it, thus achieving future inoculation against similar diseases.

Dear friends from all levels of society, hope and faith are very helpful for overcoming a crisis. However, the real solution to defeating your street crime or terror incident and overcoming unsafe feelings is to support your leaders and law enforcement and act by improving your own inner strength and physical abilities. Doing this will help you fight the “evils” that try to terrorize your daily life.


How to mitigate and overcome Violent Crime and acts of Terrorism



The recent massive demographic changes in Europe are already bringing with it cultural and many other conflicts that are the basis for violent events everywhere in Europe.

We are convinced that the entire civilian population needs to be more aware and better prepared for today’s “modern” catastrophes, violence and terrorizing encounters.

Israel’s secret weapon has, and always will be, our entire society’s strength, more precisely, the education, training and preparation of Israelis that have defeated and mitigated violent crime and terrorism, and have helped and will continue to help, bring a healthy economy and high living standards to our country’s population.

Do not let anyone make you the victim!!!

By failing to prepare, YOU are preparing to fail!!!

Intended for:

Youth, women & men with a winner's mindset (NO former experience required)

ISA-ISRAEL programs are available for all to participate, putting aside such barriers of religion, political opinions, nationality, gender, etc.

The Program’s Objectives

  • To share Israeli Protection & Counter Terrorism concepts, methods and tactics for public awareness and preparedness to mitigate and overcome violent encounters expected from the dramatic demographic changes all over Europe.
  • To allow Protection Personnel and Management to mitigate and overcome possible cross-cultural misunderstandings or conflicts with their new Arab or Muslim immigrants in the various neighborhoods where our trainees may need to operate.
  • To allow our trainees to be the “bridge” between the state’s previous inhabitants and the immigrants / new residents in those neighborhoods and communities over Europe.
  • To ensure that our trainees will have the basic knowledge, methods and skills which will allow them to perform their life routine properly, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings or conflicts with their Arab or Muslim neighbors or with the local population in any Arab or Muslim countries.
  • Preparatory training that is geared towards enhancing the participants` ability to protect themselves and their families. Through professional and simple training, they will attain a level of self-defense and response abilities that will save lives when necessary.
  • To improve the mental and physical abilities of our trainees for better coping and better functioning in situations resulting from violent crimes, terrorism threats or strikes, and various catastrophes occurring in our modern society.
  • To introduce the Israeli Tactical Response Methods to violent attacks.
  • To enable the applicants to test their operational fitness and ability to work in the protection field.

About the preparatory training program

  • This is an extensive practical training program developed by The International Security Academy - Israel, based on real Israeli expertise, concepts, and methods to strengthen people when coping with high pressure situations. It deals with self-empowerment and team-empowerment.
  •  Israel is continually under threat of terrorist attacks from within and from outside the country, therefore the Israeli population has been trained and given the ability to overcome unexpected attacks and to adapt to high threat situations of extreme violence.
  • We give priority to the qualifications and involvement of our entire population in the struggle against violent crime or terrorism. We do not consider it only a law enforcement concern.
  • Our experience dictates that a person in a stronger mental and physical condition feels more self-confident and functions and copes much better with high stress situations resulting from crises and violence.
  • We realized that self-confidence improves the participant's character and behavior in their family, their awareness and desire to contribute, to be more involved and to influence the quality of life of the entire society. The lack of self-confidence turns people into aggressors or potential victims, who look and behave accordingly.

What is so special about this program?

  • The program is based on models developed by ISA-ISRAEL. Leveraging ISA’s core expertise has created a unique avant-garde development program concentrating on personal inner strength based leadership.
  • The program combines simulated and dynamic training, and hands-on drills infused with psychological solutions and emotional resilience training.
  • Our primary objective is to provide our trainees with an unforgettable experience that is unique, a magnificent opportunity to develop and apply solid inner strength.
  • Our training programs are different, special and unique - we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.
  • The various analyses together with the vast experience accumulated in Israel and throughout the world have led to an unequivocal conclusion:
  • To improve our ability to understand and operate under emotional and psychological stress, during situations of violence and pressure, we combine practical training, simulations of unusual situations, and drills.
  • Education, training and preparation of Israelis have defeated and mitigated violent crime and terrorism, and have helped and will continue to help bring a healthy economy and high living standards to our country’s population.

Participant’s achievements

The participants will:

  • Experience a deep, sustainable genuine change with preparedness for future challenges.
  • Possess a solid proactive sense, “take-charge” mode, and strong personal visions that serve as life guidance in decision making processes.
  • Have supreme confidence, high self-esteem, and a lucid state of mind.
  • Get steadfast improvement to function under pressure mentally and physically.
  • Feel renewed and will experience personal growth and be highly motivated.
  • Improve self-control, will be able to mitigate and overcome any intimidations which typically appear in modern society.
  • Discover and sustain their personal inner strength.
  • A person with a strong mental and physical condition will demonstrate a high level of self-confidence. As a result, is able to successfully deal with high-stress situations resulting from a personal crisis or a violent event.
  • High self-confidence and self-esteem will guarantee improvement of personal behavior, self-motivation, situational awareness, and pro-activeness. Thus, these critical elements will influence the individual’s quality of life.
  • Inner strength prevents us from being victims of unfortunate circumstances. It is intended for forward thinking people, who wish to advance further than they have managed before.
  • Studies have shown that inner strength is one of the most important characteristics of successful people.
  • Inner strength allows you to motivate and lead yourself and others from within. Inner strength is the ability to withstand adverse situations based on mental and physical fitness. It encompasses situational awareness, readiness and willingness to persist in difficult situations. The sources for personal inner strength are: confidence, spirituality, and mental strength.
  • Inner strength permits you to be more independent and take responsibility for events that take place in your life, enables a proactive mentality and risk-taking within the decision-making process.
  • Most importantly, leaders need to understand the responsibility of their decisions and actions, and only leaders with inner strength will be guided from within. Due to the recent growing importance of entrepreneurship in our daily lives, we need to explore the core strength of our inner ability far more than ever before.

Do not let anyone make you the victim!!!


  • Learning and practicing mental techniques for coping with various high-pressure situations.
  • Learning the “victim’s behavior”, through live exercises (outdoor)
  • Practicing and implementing preventative behavior and measures.
  • Live exercises (outdoors) in identifying potential aggressors, and performing the right preventative measures.
  • Learn techniques through practical simulation methods in self-rescue while engaged in emergency situations.
  • Learning practical techniques in self-defense that are effective, easy to learn, easy to exercise and retain.
  • Learning and practical and effective techniques for coping with emergency situations related to vehicles and driving.
  • Learn and understand non-verbal communication, body language; its power and importance as a tool for strengthening self-confidence.
  • Practical learning and exercise methods to improve and retain physical fitness and ability.
  • Practical Scenarios: Learning assertive behavior during violent confrontations.
  • Practical Scenarios: The experience of mental and physical difficulties.


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The Modern Musketeer, Biaoshi or Samurai in the 21st Century


Hundreds of years ago in the Western World there were those who chose to serve in the protection of their employers. They were called Musketeers. In the Far East, they were known as Biaoshi and Samurai. No matter what they were called, all knew the definition of their profession and their duties:
To keep their Protégés and their families safe and secure wherever they went.

In the 21st century, those who deal with the protection of their employers are called Bodyguards, Close Protection Operatives, and VIP/Executive Protection Specialists. More recently, they have been called PSD Operators and Personal Security Details/Detachments because of their deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan, which have become known as the most dangerous areas for VIPs (not necessary heads of state).

Many romantic stories and legends were told about these unique individuals and in most of these stories they were described as the bravest of warriors, heroes or super-men. This profession created an aura around those who chose to specialize and live by the rules of the field. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.
This sector gave society a few norms of behavior that gained high respect and honor from its communities.

We all know that in modern democratic societies, public bodies; economic companies; the media; cultural, entertainment and industrial organizations; and others, are managed by Senior Executives/Decisions Makers.

These Executives are symbols of power and wealth. Their high position places them in the public eye, gaining them media attention. As a result, they are liable to be targeted by both individuals and groups (competitors, terrorist and criminal organizations, mentally unstable individuals, etc).

Many of the VIPs/Executives often refrain from using protection services because of the lack of reliable and efficient professional services and because of the increase in price (due to the lack of a suitable infrastructure allowing better service for less money).

As a result, many of them take unnecessary risks, not only for themselves and their organizations but also for their families, employees and even innocent bystanders.

The lack of sufficient secure and safe conditions/atmosphere for these VIPs/Executives prevents or reduces opportunities of development for the entire society.

Today, due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government, transferring them to the civilian workforce, this specialized field of protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. Countries, companies and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field on the background of the alarming rise in crime against VIPs; executives; businesses; public, state and financial bodies worldwide.


Such opportunities are also offered to those who are active in the field of security (security companies or individual experts in that domain) who understand that advancement and training NEVER ENDS, as well as those whose professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit of knowledge.


Course Code Duration Start Date End Date Price Location
VCPS 4 weeks 15.10.2017 16.11.2017 4999 ISRAEL 




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Principles of the Israeli Security Concepts for Protection and CT Measures

The Security Industry is undergoing a major transformation. Globalization and the proliferation of extremism has created a new reality. Parallel to this, there is a growing tendency by official authorities to transfer the responsibility for public security missions to civilian security companies / organizations, a responsibility traditionally held in the past by law enforcement sectors. This trend follows the government’s desire for a more efficient security apparatus and safer public environment. We are witnessing, and maybe even take part in, this unique process that is occurring in many countries.

Today, due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government, the specialized field of protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. Countries, companies and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves to fill the void created in the security field.

For this trend to continue and help develop the Civilian Security Industry, we must provide more employment and career opportunities for veterans of various military, law enforcement establishments and PMC personnel.

We at International Security Academy – ISRAEL, that has specialized in the field of Protection & Counter Terrorism instruction since 1987, decided to approach and offer our unique qualification expertise and support all with a unique SPECIALIZATION package (Distance + Practical) – Principles of the Israeli Security Concepts for Protection and Counter Terrorism Measures, that will upgrade and enhance them professionally to fill the void in the various security fields.

This Specialization’s uniqueness will provide you with the special edge needed to work in the various and diverse fields of security, such as Counter Terrorism, VIP/Close Protection, Maritime Security, Aviation Security, Installation and Transportation Security and more.
By attending this Specialization and exposing yourself to so many different territories, you will inevitably open yourself up to MANY amazing employment opportunities in the security field. This course offers you the best way to fill the employment void and close the gap created in the private security sector.

Graduates of this unique program are sought after by distinguished protection service clientele and by protection service providers worldwide.

The Objectives of the Specialization

  • To introduce the Israeli protection and counter terrorism concepts in various fields.
  • To enable trainees to test their fitness and ability to work in the global security field.
  • To ensure that our trainees have the best knowledge, methods, and skills that will allow them to both respond to and neutralize a wide variety of threats.
  • To qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the operational capabilities of the Security and Protection Operative, alone or as a member of the Protection Team, in a wide range of environments.
  • To enable each and every one of our trainees to continue giving reliable, efficient and professional services to their clients, mainly beyond the boundaries of their own region or country.

Who Should Attend?

  • Men & women between the ages 21 - 50
  • Such an opportunity is offered also to those who are already active in the security field, who understand that there is Never an End to advancement and training and whose professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the attempt to acquire as wide a range of knowledge as possible

Specialization's Content
Principles of the Israeli Security Concepts for Protection and CT Measures for:

  • MARITIME SECURITY - Ship Security Officer

Our Specialization's uniqueness

  • Combining practical and theoretical training methods.
  • Incorporation of special training methods for the development of the participants’ self-confidence and reaction capabilities in high stress situations.
  • Coordination of subjects to develop thinking, initiative, and motivation.
  • Live practice and simulation.
  • Our training programs are different, special and unique - we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.
  • We don't provide Rambo-style training, but rather improve your mental and physical preparedness.
  • Our training takes place in a disciplined atmosphere.
  • Effective instruction, knowledge and practice improve mental and physical abilities. This will enhance self-confidence, and enable trainees to perform exceptionally.
  • We have successfully developed a very sophisticated and most up to date Israeli instruction platform in ENGLISH and we continue to translate to various languages (French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese) in order to provide our students (prior to their arrival to our training) a unique and comprehensive Security Instruction Manual that we call the "SECURITY BIBLE".
  • Today, we are proud to see tremendous professional achievements by all our candidates who are reaching the peak of our practical completion training. Because of these achievements, we can double up the time of practice and drilling instead of spending time on Academic/ Theoretical lectures that are not always understood by all due to language barriers. With this upgrade we have managed to reduce the qualification's duration which poses as a critical economic barrier for many candidates from the Civilian Security Industry.
  • The Mental and Physical prior preparedness and full understanding of all the requirements needed to become a successful security operative, Team leader or Manager delivered successful “WINNERS” that were educated to a very high standard on what to expect, and were able to reduce for themselves the course’s difficulties, to pass all exams with ease, gained very high scores with an unforgettable life experience!

Our trainee's achievements:

  • Understanding of the collection and evaluation of intelligence and threat assessment.
  • Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of actual assassinations and attempts.
  • Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
  • Knowledge of the basic history of protective services and the ability to identify key concepts and terms of this unique segment of the security field.
  • The ability to undertake threat analysis, including evaluations of internal and external threats.
  • Awareness of technical capabilities such as surveillance, detection and alarm equipment.
  • The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capabilities and operational fitness.
  • The ability to build effective professional relationships with the police, security personnel, the public, businesses and employees within their field of operation.
  • The ability to undertake field operations involving vehicle and pedestrian movement, command center operation and static post assignments.
  • Understand convoy formations and vehicular movement, tactics and strategies.
  • Exposure to the Arab/Islamic culture; its social habits, religion, language, and rituals.
  • Our trainees originate from diverse backgrounds, and participate to create amicable training relationships.


Course Code Duration Start Date End Date Price Location