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The Modern Musketeer, Biaoshi or Samurai in the 21st Century


Hundreds of years ago in the Western World there were those who chose to serve in the protection of their employers. They were called Musketeers. In the Far East, they were known as Biaoshi and Samurai. No matter what they were called, all knew the definition of their profession and their duties:
To keep their Protégés and their families safe and secure wherever they went.

In the 21st century, those who deal with the protection of their employers are called Bodyguards, Close Protection Operatives, and VIP/Executive Protection Specialists. More recently, they have been called PSD Operators and Personal Security Details/Detachments because of their deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan, which have become known as the most dangerous areas for VIPs (not necessary heads of state).

Many romantic stories and legends were told about these unique individuals and in most of these stories they were described as the bravest of warriors, heroes or super-men. This profession created an aura around those who chose to specialize and live by the rules of the field. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.
This sector gave society a few norms of behavior that gained high respect and honor from its communities.

We all know that in modern democratic societies, public bodies; economic companies; the media; cultural, entertainment and industrial organizations; and others, are managed by Senior Executives/Decisions Makers.

These Executives are symbols of power and wealth. Their high position places them in the public eye, gaining them media attention. As a result, they are liable to be targeted by both individuals and groups (competitors, terrorist and criminal organizations, mentally unstable individuals, etc).

Many of the VIPs/Executives often refrain from using protection services because of the lack of reliable and efficient professional services and because of the increase in price (due to the lack of a suitable infrastructure allowing better service for less money).

As a result, many of them take unnecessary risks, not only for themselves and their organizations but also for their families, employees and even innocent bystanders.

The lack of sufficient secure and safe conditions/atmosphere for these VIPs/Executives prevents or reduces opportunities of development for the entire society.

Today, due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government, transferring them to the civilian workforce, this specialized field of protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. Countries, companies and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field on the background of the alarming rise in crime against VIPs; executives; businesses; public, state and financial bodies worldwide.


Such opportunities are also offered to those who are active in the field of security (security companies or individual experts in that domain) who understand that advancement and training NEVER ENDS, as well as those whose professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit of knowledge.


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